When I see…

When I see your experiences of life. . .
The suffering caused by the bullying and abusive ego that pushes you to the brink of sacrificing & surrender & the impulse to take flight.
The incomprehensibility of natural laws, the painful veils that impede the awareness of the essence of the reality of life.
Conditioned feelings which stay attached like so many leeches, preventing calm abiding, equanimity and wisdom.
The myriad/kazillion inadequacies and procrastinations and circle-working.
The Middle Way beckons, yet… galloping expectations stampede the mind into disbelief.
Kindness showered upon such a one is like a feather knocking on a wall.

When I see this…
my heart cries into the depths of compassion.
However, the Bodhisattva is unable to do Tonglen, for even knowing her feelings for her suffering spouse, the compassion is overwhelming..

Focus and meditation have now succeeded, and I send out Metta blessings to all beings experiencing any psychological, physical, emotional or spiritual anguish.

Just know that you are not alone. Aim high and be brave.

The Vows of Samantabhadra:

I vow that when my life approaches it’s end,
All obstructions will be swept away;
I will see Amitabha Buddha,
And will be born in his Land of Ultimate Bliss and Peace.

When reborn in the Western Land,
I will perfect and completely fulfil
Without exception these Great Vows,
To delight and benefit all beings.



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