To generate unsullied minds

The way we are during our daily lives’ meanderings is powerfully ingrained in our cultural and familial heritage.
It is worth questioning everything you believe, everything you see, and then attempt to reform your mind. The mind is the master… the master is distracting and, at most, abusive to your self.
During meditation and quiet moments there is a falling away, a disintegration of the abusive master. At this point infinity and pure, all-embracing love is discerned, although one should take care to not fixate on this.
The practice of Loving-kindness for oneself and others generates generosity and gratitude. It brings tolerance and patience, as well as understanding.
To spread this out to other sentient beings, to bring light forward and bring about changes is the duty of our evolutionarily Awakened selves.
It is a treasure for all to be able to develop one’s mind as it is in the natural, unsullied state.



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