Relinquish the Battlefield

The egos and cravings of all human beings keep each one of us ensnared in the cycles of karma and samsara, as in a Battlefield.

In a purely unselfish manner, we are meant to aim high.
Go all out to understand that our existence means suffering. The realm of no-suffering is Nirvana, and this is the escape we are all missing.
It does not lie in finding a human being who teaches about Nirvana, or one who once did teach about Nirvana, and then stops; It is every beings DIY mission. The aforementioned beings can not take you to Nirvana. They are not your “Saviour”.
Every one of us has to aim for Self perfection in Thoughts, Words and Actions, and then save ourselves by developing Right Mindfulness and Concentration to reach Nirvana.
Then, by your example, others will follow, and suffering will cease for one and all.

This is how I understand The Buddha’s message. The gist of the Great Teachings of The Buddha are formatted in The Path.

The pivot and pinnacle of life is not enjoyment of the senses, nor an ‘us and them’ mindset, but it is the attainment of spiritual perfection, the success of reaching Nirvana in this lifetime.



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