Survive the Craving forces

Of the three main sets of craving forces (Which are: craving for existence, craving for worldly and sensory pleasures, and craving for non-existence) the craving for non-existence is the taboo subject in every mind.
Why appear weak and ungrateful for this precious human rebirth?
One needs wisdom to realise the real meaning of these cravings, and their forces. The Buddha went beyond what intellectuals and psychologists debate about the capacity of human minds and the consequences thereof.
Almost as needy as the sensory pleasures is the need of incalculable beings to leave this plane of suffering and discontent. However, we are here in this moment, and in this moment, .. so many possibilities exist for reaching glorious Nirvana.
A work in progress we are. Cravings and sufferings are surmountable by the reformation of our minds to think pure thoughts, be noble in Word and show Kindness everywhere.
To take refuge in the Buddha, his teachings, and the community of noble ones, brings a message of peace and goodwill.

Keep being courageous and practice everywhere.



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