The Final Transition


How many people do you know who have experienced someone close pass away on their (not meaning the deceased’s) birthday?
Introspection and stillness follows such an event.
Is this the end, truly?
Which karmic debt is now settled?
Joy and gratitude emerge followed by compassion, and realizing that this journey is not completed without that final physical breath.
One’s work during this temporary placing is counted by birthdays… But to make a difference, one should perform meritorious deeds. Always be kind.. Think Pure Thoughts.. Meditate.. And lastly, find out your own Truth through experience, experience, experience.
Metta blessings to one and all of you lovely people, from the birthday girl.



4 responses to “The Final Transition

  1. My father passed away in January, right after I retired from my career of 30 plus years. Though he died of natural causes, it was somewhat unexpected because he’d been feeling better. If I was still working at the old job, dealing with all his affairs as the only surviving offspring, would be too much for me. His death has been harder than I thought it would, but I know he is where he wants to be and I am thankful for the timing. I hope you had a lovely birthday Tara.

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