Pure Living, Pure Giving

Do everything you do throughout the day as though you are tending to a precious child, a lovable child, whom you cherish and who evokes warm and fuzzy feelings & behaviour from you.

To emanate this cherishing of others, and loving what you do is the way to treat other sentient beings you come into contact with on a daily basis, in order to escape karmic snares.
One’s ego and conditioned mind can interrupt the true path, causing turmoil, or the other may be so caught in samsara that it leads to misinterpretation and torment.

One with an inquiring mind will in all likelihood question the weight of our beliefs, yet this Path of Love is the universal heavenly memory.
It is my belief that we all should question everything to succeed in seeing through the veils and our amnesia.

True Love and True Compassion is attainable for the unfettered and Awakened Supreme Beings. May they all dwell within us and continually guide us toward this Pure Living, Pure Giving.



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