Ear Consciousness

The methods to attain Enlightenment have many Dharma Doors. In studying and focusing and concentrating, there are many factors found that hinder the efforts of each Being.

If one, for example, has a hearing impairment, caused firstly by sensory damage to the hairs in the cochlear and secondly, conductive restrictions to the ossicles or tiny bones in the ear.. then when one reads the narration of Avalokitesvara and how he subdued the rising and crashing of the ocean’s waves sounds, to hear nothing, and to scale even the perception of no-sound, which led to his Enlightenment, awe is felt…

The Great and Perfectly Awakened Masters and Buddhas and Bodhisattvas found their unique and distinct Dharma Doors.
Each of us has the opportunity to find, through supreme patience and right mindfulness, our own Supreme Enlightenment Method.
There is another hindrance that some people may find hard to fathom. These ears vibrate sounds I can’t hear, and I actually hear music playing.. 24/7.
Tonglen is done for all Beings who have this ailment. All Beings who are suffering with sinusitis like my partner, and all Beings everywhere who need love, hope and light.



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