The Establishment Blues

Although one is sure of what our Mission is, what one is aiming for, the stressors and obstacles to making a physical life in the meantime, can affect the outlook, the worldview.

The Establishment seems to be winning, appears to smother one to comply, and one feels helpless.
This suffering financially and physically, although one believes one is non-materialistic, is trapping, enslaving and depressing.

To follow the Bodhisattva’s Path as a householder, as an Establishment Slave, requires one to almost be schizophrenic. I’m one to take all the negative situations and turn my mind to silver.
I’m one who sees suffering, and uses healing hands and Tonglen, and cherishes other beings with all that I am.
The Establishment Blues Have bitten this Bodhisattva so hard…
But I know that all worldly things are transient. I believe I will soon be back on The Path of the Bodhisattvas.
All suffering and all joy teaches one to gain wisdom, to appreciate this tough life.. to see that even in negativity, the positivity does establish itself, if one only goes within and hears the unspeakable Truths.
The world has beauty.
All sentient beings deserve to appreciate and attain liberty and beauty, and no returning.



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