The Interaction Wheel

Our many delusions and veils cloud our True Suchness, whereby our knowledge in this physical cannot compare to the truth and the insubstantial nature of all we see.
To want actual relief from suffering, and to yearn for Truth and Liberation, as we all feel IS within, is to realise the Spirit of Awakening.
Thereafter, one can slowly develop the right behaviour toward fellow sentient beings. The three poisons of greed, anger and delusion are damaging to the overall manner in which we interact with others, as there are mostly memories of past behaviours that cloud one’s current interchanges.
In this context, it would do one well to make the mind as deep and calm as the ocean. The ocean brims with life, and likewise, the mind is active, but one can go within and one can interact anew, after choosing to reform the mind and thereby acting without deluded views.

One has this opportunity in each moment of life. The kindness and cherishing we show our kin and all beings in this moment, brings deeper and more fulfilling opportunities for Bodhisattvas throughout the incalculable worlds.



2 responses to “The Interaction Wheel

  1. I enjoy and look forward to those awakening experiences of traversing the planet with the one who loves me back. In my case, I’m thinking of my human partner, but it doesn’t have to be a human. 🙂

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    • Absolutely! All sentient beings traverse this planet interdependently. We cross paths with our soulmates in human and animal form countless times. This period of my life has me intertwined with 7 cats and 4 dogs as well as my human soulmate and our 4 adult children. A continually evolving and growing experience.. Tara

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