Love and compassion are synonymous themes and instructions in all religions, however there is no real way to explain these virtues as a concept.
People have different ideas and ideals about such things. If we want the world to be a better place, we have to start by reforming our own minds.. All the negativity our minds feed us daily, contribute to a poor self-image and many deluded views, which extends out to the interactions we have with others. The mistrust, jealousy, hatred etc is a worldwide plague.
Even though we work with our best compassion and love for our peers and all sentient beings, there comes a time when a seemingly innocent and helpful person betrays our trust. We begin to doubt our belief that there is a paradigm shift, that more and more people are reaching the Spirit of Awakening .. While this may be a detour off The Path for one, as the emotions and process of learning to accept this occurrence happens, one should keep the resolute mind steadfastly focused.
Love and compassion are part of our Divine Nature, and will always succeed.
Do not worry about the processes of attaining your highest ideal, just keep doing it. Your determination will, and does have, profound effects on every sentient being in every direction, along to distant galaxies and worlds.
Practice Everywhere..



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