Developing Self-Confidence


Our belief, ingrained from decades and lifetimes of erroneous conditioning, that we are insignificant, small, meek and generally good-for-nothing, causes us much suffering.
We either shrink back, foregoing our happiness or dreams due to this deluded and erroneous thinking, or we over-achieve to allow our ego to overtake our feeling of inadequacy. A constant fight for domination rages within and without.
Who is to say that we are who they say we are? What can be done to triumph and obtain an end of the cycle of the despair we associate this life to be?
We find fault and look for blame in everything externally, without ever seeking the cause within.
The truth is, we have an ineffably, wonderful inner nature, which is greater and more fantastic than ever could be described.
All sentient beings have Buddha-nature. We all would benefit from removing the ‘layers of delusion’ which are blinding us to the right views of this world and our place in this life.
With the utmost effort and dedication to the Spirit of Awakening, one can reveal the “true-suchness”, the loving and kind nature and perfection of all things. Develop self-confidence in this realization and your light will light the path for your own unfolding, your release from suffering, and journey into wisdom.
The Way of the Bodhisattvas is unfettered and great.



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