Astronomy may show us images of unchartered territory, which fills our minds with awe and wonder. Yet, who is looking back at us?
We cannot be so egotistical in our thoughts that in the vast cosmos, the Multiverse, there can be only one life-form… Us. If nothing else, realize that the display ‘out there’ would equal the seeds of our becoming our Purest Potential.
It is also a reminder that we are part of the entire display, and in this human vessel is one’s true being, which is eternal, which is part of the whole and the whole is part of us.
So, while travelling on this mote of dust, isn’t it one’s desire to cherish others, who are experiencing life as it is; messy, with a fair amount of delusions, but altogether wonderful.  Encouraging others whenever we have the opportunity to touch someone with loving-kindness, because in so doing, we are connecting the synapses of all interconnected beings, inclusive of ourselves within, and other sentient beings without.



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