The unfurling



This physical existence is a mere blink in the ether.
Our views of reality are one-sided and conditioned at the best of times, although we may glimpse the non-duality and insubstantiality of our existence in this earthly realm during meditation, and once we achieve Enlightenment.
In our inner beings we are aware of the transiency of our life here, playing out our karma, until we progress joyfully into our highest potential, our fully perfected state.

We aught to do the task of reforming our minds and actions – gaining momentum, gaining merit, gaining salvation from suffering for one’s self and countless other sentient beings, who suffer endlessly, inconceivably in samsara.

There are many (84 000) dharma doors or methods to attain our ultimate perfection, the goal of being a Bodhisattva. Each one of us has a unique method, and guess what? It is your unchallenged privilege which Way you are suited to.



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