Future Bodhisattva


One way of reaching our highest potential is to place the welfare of all sentient beings foremost in one’s mind.
Cherishing others may sound like a contradiction when one is aware that one should first be kind to oneself, and love oneself. However, this is important in one’s reformation of the mind, as we all have those deep issues we carry along in our minds, festering and causing mental anguish.
Only once we have accepted those wide open experiences, and realized the workings of karmic debts and come to understand that all lessons are handed down to us by kind and caring mother-beings, will we be free from the bondage of anger, self-loathing, and suffering.
We make the firm resolve to first free our own suffering, in order to aid others to free themselves.
Begin at home with those nearest and dearest to you. Cherish them.. Love them.. Do whatever you are able to do for them without expecting any returns, any recognition or any merits. Extend your hands with loving-kindness wherever you go, whatever you do.
One’s actions should demonstrate the natural, untainted behaviour of You, a future Bodhisattva.



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