Show what we are changing Into


What we show our offspring is meant to prepare them for the tasks ahead of them in this incarnation.
We cannot comprehend the intricately entwined karma-laws at play during our precious human rebirths, however, dealing with emotions is fashioned after our primary caregivers up to the age of nine.
What we show our children, our precious offspring, should be to only react to constructive suggestions. Suppression of emotions or turning to substances creates distrust and all sorts of karmic entanglements.
In helping create more kindness and compassion in our world, we aught to be unlearning the customary behaviour of our current society, which advocates selfishness and distrust of others, and begin showing your offspring “neighbourly” behaviour. Speak without malice, always speak the truth (even if your voice shakes) and speak kindly to all in this diverse and incredible world.
Spirit advocates loving-kindness in order to prevent future karmic entanglements.
The wonder and gift of creation is that we know we have a HOME and who wouldn’t want to finish reforming the world, in order to have completed your tasks of be-coming a perfected Spirit, not needing to reincarnate any more, for more lessons and trials?
Begin the change and see the world as we know it radiate joy and Pure Love.



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