Pure, divinely-infused love is so ineffable, so indescribable, that one could wear out another’s ears if one knew just how to describe it.
The word means nothing and causes clinging in most cases. One needs to understand that Pure Love is spreading your ego-less self out to encompass the one you are with right now, then on to all sentient beings in the Ten directions of the Multiverse.
An empty imitation of love is obsessive and lustful, whereas Pure Love is magnetically enabling all beings to cherish others, as one does in pure gratitude for one’s creator / mother, for the privilege of having this precious human rebirth.
The seeds of this Pure Love germinate and grow into countless lives being led out of greed, anger and delusion, into a Path of final and complete termination of rebirth cycles.
Therefore, each act of Pure Love liberates countless sentient beings from their sufferings, and causes true and lasting happiness.
In performing one’s daily duties, keep the ‘seeds’ being spread out far and wide. Practice this everywhere.



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