Being Focused


During our dark moments in our daily living, it helps to have an easy-to-remember process to fall back on, in order to attain that peaceful mind with the right views we are striving towards.

1.  Follow your in and out breaths This helps focus your attention, and really calms the mind.
2.  Imagery helps keep the focus on the breathing Imagine a precious jewel traversing one’s air passages. A ruby for the colour of love or a jade for the colour of healing.
3.  Be gentle with yourself  No need to chastise yourself for having a wandering mind. Accept that the mind does tend to wander but gently bring the jewel back and follow it as it moves up and down as you breathe.
4.  Be mindful and present With all your moments during the day.
5.  Show loving-kindness and compassion With all your interactions. Remember, all beings deserve gratitude and care for being your teacher.

Make it a habit to Practice everywhere, and understand The Eightfold Path to Enlightenment:
Right view, Right thinking, Right speech, Right action, Right livelihood, Right diligence, Right mindfulness, and Right concentration.

May you find The Path as natural and liberating as I do.



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