Conditioning vs Change


We have all been conditioned to behave according to our family norms first of all, and by and large according to societal norms. We never question these ‘norms’, which is to our own detriment.
We are suspicious of others, and are taught that there is ‘them and us’ from a very young age.
To the unrealized mind, everyone is independent and the veil of ‘democracy’ actually enhances separation.
It is a difficult thing to treat others as you want to be treated, but it is not impossible. Begin by showing kindness to a stranger every day. Your confidence will increase, and the action will have a ripple effect on your community as a whole.
Our divine nature is loving, kind, and truly interdependent. An ocean is vast and magnificent. It consists of individual drops, yet makes up the totality.
Likewise, humanity and all sentient beings make up the totality of the existing-sphere. One helped is one led to the change we need to evolve or drop out of the cycles of samsara and rebirth.



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