Just be kind


We are often told that things and behaviours of other people towards you are never personal. In my experience, I feel a ‘victim’ when I am insulted by something. Some days I am able to ‘let it wash over like water off a duck’s back’, whereas other days, I lose my equanimity altogether. 

Real living has real problems, and every one of us has certain conditioned responses. One needs to unlearn and remove these patterns, in order to reform one’s mind. I know that living in the present is the key, however it was only after learning Buddha’s Path to Enlightenment, did I even attempt to put my ‘ideal’ behaviours into practice. 

The Eightfold Path identifies the following as leading to Enlightenment: Right View, Right Thinking, Right Speech, Right Action, Right Livelihood, Right Mindfulness, Right Diligence and Right Concentration.

So, in order to develop one’s mind into being full of compassion and loving-kindness for others, one needs to reform everything done in one’s ‘usual’ way.  

Being kind and having Buddha-nature or Christ-nature is within us all, and as the human beings that we are, we have that ‘conscience’ reminding us on whether we are doing the right or wrong things.

Even though we have these big ego-bodies obstructing our view to be compassionate and kind to the person swearing at us, we owe it to our Self, our Being to not be upset and just be kind.

Metta blessings



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